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Make Your Own Art with Framebridge


I have so many pictures on my phone and/or Instagram. I am awful about actually printing my images now, which is such a bad habit to get into! Luckily, I found Framebridge, who offers to mount and frame your images for you and offers FREE SHIPPING! The framed artwork arrives at your door ready-to-hang making its so easy. It doesn’t have to be a photo of yours you want to frame, they will accept actual artwork, too that you can mail them and they’ll send back ready-to-hang (frame and mounted).

Here’s some of their amazing work…


Lafayette Gold Frame


Buckhead Silver Frame


Do you have that favorite wedding photo you wanted framed? They do amazing wedding framing, too!

framebridge materials

Framebridge artwork is made with high-quality materials including wood moulding, acid-free materials and UV acrylic. You can choose any size frame from an Instagram Mini size to Extra Large (32×40)!

Framebridge ME

I was lucky enough to design two pieces for our bedroom. I used two of my favorite images from my Instagram feed. I love who easy it is to upload the images to Framebridge’s site and then apply them to different frames to see which is looks best with. You can choose to add matting or just the frame, too. I chose the Bolton frame which is a thin oiled steel frame with grommets. Its absolutely gorgeous in person!

framebridge me2

framebridge me1

To Buy: Framebridge

Cost: $39+

I was not paid to write this post, these are my honest opinions and may differ then your own. I did received the items above at no cost to me for my review.


New Year’s Resolution 2015

Have you made a New Year’s resolution for 2015? I know I always make one or two of them and always break them within the first month. That is, until this past year! 2014 was the first time I saw a resolution through and it was actually pretty easy and it really changed my year for the better!

Want to know what it was? I decided to take a picture-a-day (with my phone) of my kids. I realized that in 2013, I only took a handful of photos of my kids compared to the first few years when I took thousands of them! Being a photographer, its obvious that photos are a love for me. But- if you just want to make an effort to take more images and keep them organized in one place then you need to use Instagram.

pic a day 3

If you don’t already have an account, set one up for free specifically to store your photo-a-days in. Once you have an .account, take a photo a day and come up with a unique hash tag that will be something for you and your family photos. For those that are confused on how a hash tag works, it just sorts images into a specific area (think like a folder on your computer). Then, whenever you want to access your images you can find them by simply typing in your hash tag. An example of a great one would be using your last name and the year– ie: #RannilaKids2015. If you try that on Instagram and a bunch of pictures already come up (or some even), it means someone else is also using it so try something else similar until you find something that is unique enough for just your images. I ended up using #365DaysOfTheRiplets for this past year and it worked well. Now I have a full year of images of my kids (I took turns getting one, two or all three together each day) and all in one place.

pic a day

Now, I plan to download these images into an “Instagram-Friendly” site that will print a book of all of my year of images. A few of them include: Artifact Uprising and Chat Books.

Happy New Year!