Stay Warm with the Blanket Scarf {Dress & Dwell}

There are three items that I’ve been rotating almost each day in my wardrobe– plaid, scarves, and vests. Scarves are the easiest to wear and gives you some warmth on those cold days. If you are part of the Polar Vortex hitting the nation, you need to bundle up. Do it in style with one of these blanket scarves!  Check out Dress & Dwell and their Wolf Plaid scarf along with a few other fun winter accessories.

Check out one of the hottest scarves of the season…

dress dwell scarf

Wolf Plaid Scarf 

Why not get two of the best trends of the season in one item– plaid & a scarf!

black & navy buffalo plaid

Black & Blue Buffalo Check Scarf

highlander plaid infinity

Highlander Plaid Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf is ideal for those of you that want the blanket-scarf look but aren’t 100% sure how to wear it.


Amanda from Dress & Dwell sent me their most popular Wolf Plaid Scarf to wear during this very cold season. I am in love this this blanket scarf, its huge and warm and so soft. Its one of those items you never want to take off! I was a little nervous about how I would wear it, knowing there are a few different ways to put it on. Once I received it and started trying it out, it became very easy to loop and do it. The scarf is very soft (made 30% wool & 70% acrylic), but does shed a little if you wear it against a dark color. I only noticed the fuzzies though when I put it on with my black winter jacket. This is an item that will definitely be sold out soon, so if you’re thinking you want it for yourself or to use as a gift you better buy it now before its too late!


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To Buy: Dress & Dwell

Cost: $38

I was not paid to write this post, these are my honest opinions. I did receive the item above at no cost to me for my review.


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