Searching for Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season?

I’m always looking for sales, coupons or savings when I shop. My mom really is to thank (or blame! haha) for instilling the need to save when I shop. She always knows when there’s a sale or who has the best price on what item. Here’s a few tips if you’re still shopping for gifts or for the new year of shopping ahead of you!

1. Sign up for emails: Subscribe to your favorite company’s email list. This gets you all of their sales and discounts and keeps you in the loop. If you’re already shopping there, why not save some money?

target cartwheel

2. Shop Target: If you shop at Target (my #1 shopping place), you need to do 2 things. Add their Cartwheel App (it lets you save coupons to use over and over again until they expire) to your phone and get a Target Red (Debit or Credit) Card. I seriously spent the first year telling them “no thank you” when they asked if I wanted their Red Card. I finally decided to try out their debit card since its linked directly to my regular debit card and you save 5% each time you pay with it. I saved over $300 in the first year I used it AND you get free shipping on any order online, anytime. Don’t do the math, we spend A LOT at Target- I know!

ebates logo

3. Ebates: Here’s one that I signed up for back in 2012 but NEVER actually used until about 3 weeks ago. I’m not sure why, because you earn a portion of your money-spent right back. I think my problem initially was that I never would remember to link up to it when I was shopping online. Well, a friend told me I could actually download their “E” button right to my tool bar, so now each time I enter a site that uses Ebates I get a notice and link up. I’ve already made $57 (part of it was referrals for others signing up) in just under a month of using it!

4. Giveaways: If you’re thinking giveaways are a scam and no one wins, let me tell you how wrong you are! Whether they’re on Facebook, a blog, or on Instagram they are legit (well most are at least) and your chances are actually pretty good of winning. Most people think that they won’t win, so they don’t enter…leaving you better odds!

peachhcake pumpkin

Speaking of giveaways… Enter to win $20 to Peachhcakes right here (LOW ENTRIES!)

5. Shopkick: This is a newer phone application that I downloaded about 6 weeks ago. If you go into stores a lot shopping (not online), you may want to add this app to your phone. It has a list of large retailers that it connects with and you can earn “kicks” (points) when you enter their store. You can cash in your “kicks” for gift cards to stores like Old Navy, Target, and Starbucks. It can be a pain to remember to open this app when you enter to the store, but if you shop a lot in-store you can add up your kicks quickly.

kohl's card


6. Store Credit Cards: This option can be tricky, but stores like Kohl’s will give you a bigger and better discount, along with $10 free to spend throughout the year just by opening an account with them. As long as you are paying off your balance each month, this is a great way to save money! If you’re leaving a balance though, the interest alone is wiping out the money you just saved.

thredup logo7. Consign: This one is a way to both save money and make money. If you or your kids have clothing that is still in good condition but no longer fits or you no longer wear, its time to send them to a consignment place online. I love doing it online simply because my local consignment won’t take some of my best labels! The two places I use a lot are thredUp and Twice. thredUp takes women’s and children’s clothing and Twice only takes women’s items. Check their lists of what they accept before you send anything in. Right now, both places offer you to send you a free bag to fill up and send back (shipping back to them is pre-paid as well). This makes it beyond easy to consign and clean out your house while you do it! You can then either use the money you make to purchase “new” items from them or get it back in cash to spend elsewhere.


I was not paid to write this post, these are just my own opinions on ways to save money this time of year and all year long. I did add links to some of the ways I save that are referral links.


1 thought on “Searching for Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season?”

  1. I can certainly vouch for Target and the giveaways. Over the last 2 years, I swear I’ve won maybe 50 blog giveaways. Books, toys, jewelry, perfume, everything. And between Cartwheel and the Target debit I’ve saved $300 in 2014

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