Happy Left-Handers Day!


Can you believe those darn left-handed folks have an actual holiday in honor of their south paw ways? Well, I think its AWESOME especially since I’m a lefty myself. I’ve read that left-handed people use their right side of the brain more so that’s where the phrase “left-handed people are in their right minds” came from.  I do think I use my right side of the brain more, which leads to creativity and expressiveness. I completely see that being true since my “jobs” (I use that loosely) include dance teacher, photographer, and writer!

If you know any left-handed people in your life, take a minute to “hug a lefty” and let them know you appreciate them sacrificing a lot living in a right-handed world.(haha) I know right-handed people probably aren’t aware of all of the simple things that are designed for righties.

Here’s a few of our “Lefty Problems” to entertain you…

1. Butter Knives- they are made with the grooves to spread on the right side. This makes it very hard to butter or spread anything with a knife using your left hand. It usually rips the bread and makes a mess. Try it out just for fun and let me know how it goes!

2. Scissors- have you ever tried to go buy a pair of left-handed scissors that aren’t made for elementary-aged kids? I know I did, but couldn’t find any and was told to “order online”. I never did, so instead I continue to struggle using a right-handed scissor for all I do. It makes for unclean cutting (sometimes even ripping!) and is such a pain.

3. Notebooks– If you’re a lefty, you know how hard it is to write in a wire bound notebook. The wire binding is right in the way as you start to write on the page. You can’t get your hand in a spot to start writing because it has to rest on top of the binding. Obviously a righty came up with wired binding on the left side! haha

4. Dancing/Choreography– If you’ve ever taken dance classes or tried to learn a choreographed routine,  you’ll notice most moves start with your right foot/arm and work best for right-handed people. Why? Probably because most choreographers are righties!

Enjoy your day and thanks for acknowledging all of us south paws today!


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