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Kelly Moore Bags Make Me Happy

kelly moore

I’ve always been a fan of Kelly Moore and her amazing bags. She really is the pioneer for women’s camera bags, offering some of the very first stylish and well made bags that are made for your camera. Since she started her own line of bags in 2009 she’s designed and developed over 12 styles with a variety of colors. Not only are her bags gorgeous online (and definitely even better in person!) they are also so functional. If you are searching for a bag that can hold your camera and equipment she’s got it. You want something with room for your kid’s diapers and snacks? She’s got those, too. If you want room for your tablet along with your camera, you’re in luck as well! She really does have almost any scenario covered. She also has men’s bags, too that are way more stylish then the old school camera bags of years past.

Here’s my favorite right now…

songbird-cobalt-frontI’ve been dreaming about this Songbird in Cobalt since it became available for pre-order!


If you’re thinking about buying a Kelly Moore bag, do it this month! All of August, if you make a purchase,  you get a free tumbler!


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