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A Canon Girl

I’ve loved photography since I was little. I remember my parent’s getting me an old Kodak 110 film camera and me spending hours outside looking for interesting things to photograph. In college, I took some elective photo courses which lead me to a minor in photography. I’ve always loved the idea capturing moments through images.

That being said, I’ve always been a Canon girl. It wasn’t really by choice, I just received my first SLR camera from my dad and he chose a Canon for me. I immediately fell in love with the idea of being able to manually make an image instead of the point and shoot cameras I’d been using. After that first Canon, I just never had the urge to try out any other brands. I felt like my Canon products were easy to use and easy to get cleaned/repaired when I needed it. I have heard similar stories though from Nikon people, so I’m guessing its all just your own preference.

The camera I currently use the Canon EOS 7D. I love the 7D, but should’ve just bought the body and not the kit. I never use the kit lens that comes with it. I have two other lenses that I use anytime I’m shooting– the Tamron F/2.8 17-50mm and the Canon F/1.8 50mm.

canon 1.8Canon F/1.8 50mm lens

The latter lens is known as the “Nifty 50” lens because it’s a great first lens purchase. It’s usually around $100 and it gives you a lot more options than your kit lens, especially with an aperture as low at f/1.8. The first few years I used a DSLR, I used this lens 95% of the time. The f/1.8 50mm is a prime lens, which means it’s a fixed focal length at 50mm and there’s no zoom. I still find this lens useful when I’m shooting newborns or close up nature shots. I find it really hard to use on moving toddlers, simply because I have to do all of the moving and quickly. I save my Tamron f/2.8 17-50mm for all of those sessions.

tamronTamron f/2.8 17-50mm

I actually love my Tamron lens the best. It gives me low aperture and the zoom range I need to shooting. I think my next investment will be a wide angle lens though, to give me a few more options while shooting. Here’s the one I’ve been eyeing up for awhile now.

canon wide

Canon F/1.4 35mm Wide Angle Lens

This lens has gotten amazing reviews and is maximum in wide-angle aperture lenses out there. I’m really hoping to make this one my next lens!

If you’re interested in photography, but aren’t sure where to start I’d suggest investing in a less expensive DSLR from Canon or Nikon. If you aren’t sure which brand to choose, do some researching first. The key is really to find a camera that gives you manual shooting options and the ability to change lenses. As a beginner, something like a Canon Rebel would be perfect until you get the hang of things. The nice part starting with something on the lower end is that as you upgrade, your lenses are interchangeable as long as you stick with the same brand (ie: Canon lenses can be interchangeable for the most part and the same goes for Nikon). Check out B&H Photo, they always have a huge selection of photography items at reasonable prices.


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