Shark Week…Anyone?

shark week

We just got back from our annual two-week vacation to Massachusetts to visit our friends and family. The first week we always spend at the beach, staying at our “beach house” in Dennis on the Cape (aka: Cape Cod for all you non-New Englanders). This year, like all of the other years we got report that there was a great white shark spotting the week before we arrived and it was just off the shore of Chatham. My Midwestern family members (all my side of the family) wished us well on our trip across the country and told us to stay clear of those “huge great whites”. We all laughed it off.

shark week2

The first full day at the beach we decided to spend at our friend’s house in Orleans (which is about 20 mins from Dennis). When we arrived, we were told we were heading out in their boat to see the seals (aka: shark bait).  Again, we laughed off the idea of sharks near us and headed out to the water. We had a fabulous day of fun hanging out on a sand barge right off the coast of Chatham. Of course I was slightly concerned about this great white finding my kiddos and using them as an appetizer, but my husband wasn’t so I just went with the flow and enjoyed some much-needed beach time with great friends and family.

shark week 3

When we finally got back from vacation, we realized that it was Shark Week on Discovery Channel. This is an annual TV week that both my husband and I enjoy watching. We tuned in to our first episode on Monday night only to see details of them tracking a 17 foot great white shark along the shore between none other than Orleans and Chatham. Okay, now things just got serious! That was exactly the route we took and spent a full day frolicking along those same beaches. Now I’m re-thinking just how casual we’ll be next year while hanging out on those same beaches. lol

If you haven’t caught Shark Week yet, there’s still time– head on over to Discovery Channel’s site for details and show times.


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